Monday, March 16, 2009

'Design Features of Human Language' in Anthropology by Lavenda & Schultz

"The ability of language users to prevaricate–to make statements or ask questions that violate convention–is a major consequence of open symbolic systems."

An example from Chomsky: "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."

What are open symbolic systems? 
"Human language is creative... 
The ability to understand the same thing from different points of view.
In this view, no single perspective would necessarily emerge as more correct in every aspect that all others."


I find this most interesting in that the more we adapt words and phrases, the more "correct" versions of them we get, and therefore may one day lose all origin of all language. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because more versions of words and phrases possibly means more understanding. Creativity in language might lead to purposelessness of thought, or words and language becoming unnecessary forms of communication.

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